Traveling with Salvia Travels ensures you an easy and smooth holiday. To help you be more comfortable on your holidays, permit us to give you a few suggestions and general hints, which will assist you in getting the best out of your holiday.

1. RUSSIAN TOURIST VISA can be provided according to date of check-in and Check-out of your Hotel booking and guest has to complete his/her journey (Entry and Exit) in between the time frame given on visa. Russian Tourist Visa is always Single Entry and not extendable.

2. COMPULSORY REGISTRATION According to the legislation in force foreign nationals entering the territory of the Russian Federation must register in the local registration office of the Ministry of the Interior at the point of destination within 03 working days upon arrival or one day in case of stay at hotel or other organization rendering accommodation services. Every hotel guest has to pay registration fee in Moscow and St Petersburg.

3. CURRENCY Russian currency is Ruble. You can convert your hard currency (Take USD or Euro) at any change bureau or your Hotel. For help ask you are Guide. Travelers cheques are not recommended when traveling to Russia. All prices are generally quoted in rubles. Currency can be freely converted at banks, hotels or kiosks specifically for tourists.

Right now 01 USD = App. 31 Rubles

4. CLIMATE Most of country has a continental climate, with long cold winter and short summer. Please check below given website for your reference:


5. CLOTHS Keep some slight worm cloths (Like Jacket/ coat) for morning & Evening hours even at the time of summer season.

6. PUNCTUALITY Sightseeing as well as various other excursions are generally pre-booked for a particular duration and thus, if there is a delay then that would actually deprive you of your own sightseeing time.

7. TIPPING Tipping is increasingly expected at restaurants. Tip 10-15% depending on service.

8. ELECTRICITY Electricity throughout Russia is 220 volt/50 hz. The plug is the two-pin thin European standard. Be sure to bring your own converter.

9. MEDICAL CARE Insurance is not compulsory however is much recommended whenever traveling abroad. Remember to bring any medications you may need.

10. TIME Time is GMT +4 for both Moscow & St. Petersburg.

11. Migration Card (Arrival /Departure slip) of Russian Federation:

- Migration card will be provided to all pax in aircraft before lending at Moscow or one can find it before immigration counter.

- Please fill in the migration card clearly in Roman block letters.

- There are two parts in the slip - arrival & departure. Arrival part will bedeposited on arrival immigration and departure part will be returned to the pax with immigration stamp.

- Please keep your departure part of Migration Card during the period of your stay in Russia and submit it to the Border Control officer while passing departure passport control procedure. Without this slip guest even cannot stay in the Hotel (Hotel will need it for registration).