Travel Themes

Salvia Travels always has more to offer to its clients. For more enjoyable holidays in Russia we encourage you to stay a while longer and indulge in what this country has to offer.

Art Lovers Paradise

From the white Night festival during the summer twilight to the theater ballet productions and concerts on the magical winter evenings, the city offers a vibrant cultural life. Saint-Petersburg with its palaces, museums, distant suburbs and parks is a renowned piece of the world's cultural heritage.

Hi-fi Skiing Tour

Treat yourself to hi-fi deluxe skiing excursion in Moscow or in the Elbrus or Krasnya Polyana regions of Russia. Pack your skiing ewuipment and come to Russia for ten unforgettable days of active lifestyle and fun on the untouched slopes of the highest peak of Europe. Of course experienced guides will be assisting you, and we offer programs to fit different levels ranging from very moderate to extreme skiers.


Night Life In Moscow

Moscow is renowned as being one of the best places in the world to
have a raucously good time. We offer you five days of endless and
unforgettable clubbing, gambling and partying, at the best late night
venues that Moscow has to offer. In between these night outs, we offer full-fledged cultural excursions to Red Square and the Bolshoi Theatre. All excursions to these venues are comfortably scheduled for the second half of the day, giving you plenty of time to recuperate from intensive partying. We can customize our Night Life Moscow programme for you and your friends, fell free to contact our experts on Russia.

Business Cum Leisure

Salvia Travels offers a selection of great one-day trips in Moscow and St.Petersburg, a nice addition to your business trip or any other journey in Russia.

Trans-Siberian Adventure

We offer an extended trans-Siberian route for those travelers seeking more comfort: flting by plane over Siberia instead of railroad, best hotels in city center of the Russia capitals. Tour starts in St. Petersburg, by the air to lrkutsk-South Siberia and return by train to Moscow.

Russian River Cruises

Sail through the waterways of Russia on the most fabulous ships that we have to offer. Our cruises are specially designed to give you the feel of what Russia is all about! From the magical city of Moscow, your cruise takes you through the smaller settlements and cities where rich culture thrives and restored beauty is waiting to be admired. Exciting itineraries and lake Baikal Cruise can be arranged as per requirements.

Heritage tour

Take a tour through the ancient towns of Suzdal, Uglich, Vlamadir, Rostov Velikly, Kostrama, Yaroslavl that have preserved the heritage of the past in numerous old churches, monastries, museums, and fortifications. These small towns will leave you enchanted. Salvia Travels has prepared a set of excellent Golden Ring trips for all tastes.

Choose from our the Gems of the Golden Ring, Two capitals and the Golden Ring, and our River Cruise on comfortable ship Alexander Pirogov.