Military Adventures

For a real outdoor activity on ground try your hands behind the wheels of a Tank and other roaring high powered military vehicles at the Russian army proving ground. You could even try some real combat shooting on one of the real shooting range of the former Soviet Union.

Other Military Attractions are:

Tank Museum
Central Museum of Air Force
KGB Museum
Stalin Vs. Hitler excursion
Military collectors special tour

Hunting and Fishing

Being such a vast country, Russia is ideal for hunting or fishing vacation. The ample amount of forest cover has a lot to offer for hunters, one could hunt wolves, hares elk and even bears. There are various rivers and lakes, which offer ideal conditions for a memorable fishing experience. One can also opt for a "Robinson Crouse" style vacation, which offers lovely locations far from civilization.


A specially designed session actually allows you to fire weapons and modern ammunition at the Range, with the assistance of trained professionals.

COSMONAUT Training Center

Feel like a cosmonaut! Participate in a real space training session.

Baikonur LANCH

Visit the world's biggest Cosmodrom for a real spaceship launching observation.


Amazing! 9 hours on the plane and it is still Russia is a vast area of the
Urals. A vast expanse of dense forests, seas, rivers and wildlife, Siberia is a Kaleidoscope of nature at its best. Truly a breath taking wonder Siberia is nature's best gift to mankind.

Be A Pilot For A Day-Fly A Russian Fighter plane!

L-29 / L-39 / MIG-25 / MIF-23 / SUKHOL-27

Select any of these Supersonic Aircrafts and feel the adrenalin rush as you get in control of it. A thrilling experience that has been offered never before. We guarantee that you'11 have the most exhilarating and breath-taking time of your life! So get ready to zip into the skies!

Flight Duration 30 minutes

These fabulous sessions are exciting and include a medical test, briefing and training sessions professionals and is safe and conducted on a regular basis After the flight you will receive a Certificate that would prove your flight in the Supersonic Jet Fighter.