The Rich Russian Culture, RUSSIA
Russia has a rich cultural heritage, that comes to life in all the cities, the countryside and the small little towns.

Moscow with the Tretyakov Gallery that features some of the most famous Russian icons, Saint Petersburg on the river Neva with it's famous 'white nights' and art collections of the Heritage Museum and the Russian Museum and the countryside with it's many little towns, each with its own old cloisters and castles.

Russian culture has a long history and tradition and Russians are very proud of it.

Russia is a large and extremely culturally diverse country, with dozens of ethnic groups, each with their own forms of folk music, languages and religions. Although the majority of Russians consider themselves as Christians, and belong to Russian Orthodox Churches. It's a great achievement for the country where atheism was the official state religion for more than 70 years.

Russians consider themselves as a well educated nation. They read a lot, they are fond of live opera, musical, ballet and drama performances at theatres and they enjoy attending some of the very modern movie theatres.